Evangelistic Outreach

First Baptist has a concern for the spiritual wellbeing of our community.  Our evangelistic outreach is carried on by individuals who have a love for people and a concern for spreading the Good News about Jesus Christ.

Our outreach is expressed through:
  • Visitation:  We visit those who have visited First Baptist, those who request visitation and those who are unable to fellowship with the church regularly.
  • Relational Evangelism:  We invite and encourage people to worship with us and fellowship with us in order to develop a relationship of trust with each other.  It is our goal and our prayer for people to become acquanited with Jesus as they become acquainted with us.  We will tell them more about Jeaus as they are ready to hear it.
  • Evangelistic preaching and teaching:  One of the main goals of our preaching and teaching ministries at First Baptist is to present God's plan of Salvation and extend an invitation for peple to accept Jesus as their Savior.
  • Lifestyle Evangelism:  Another main goal of our preaching and teaching ministries is to "equip the saints for the work of ministry".  We believe that every Christian is a minister, a witness and an ambassador for Christ.  We rely on the Word of God and draw upon the power of His Holy Spirit to help other see Jesus living and workin in us.