We at First Baptist, take seriously our Lord's commmand to "go into all the world and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19).  We belive that this "Great Commission" is the reason for our existence as a church.  Because of this belief, our mission giving has increased steadily every year.

On the local level, we contribute regular donations to the Walton Food Bank, and participate in the CROP Walk.  We also support the ministries of the Walton Ministerial Association.

As one of the American Baptist Churches of New York State, we are pleased to have a part in the support of such ministries such as The Upstate Home in Cooperstown, Camp Pathfinder in Cooperstown and the Fairport Home just to name a few.

On Wednesday evenings, we take a special offering to support children through World Vision.  Any money received from this offering that is above what we need for our World Vision children is sent to the Murrow Indian Children's Home in Oklahoma.

Throughout the year, we raise funds to sponsor a work party to help build and staff The Good Samaritan Clinic for Haitian Sugarcane workers in La Romana, Dominican Republic.

The bulk of our mission outreach is conducted through the Boards of Nation and International Ministries of the American Baptist churhes fo the USA, one of the oldest, most efficient and most successful mission programs in the world today.